Ways to Add Student Art to Your School Publications

Ways to Add Student Art to Your School Publications

Ways to Add Student Art to Your School Publications 1600 1202 Spacific Creative

Using student art in your yearbook, leavers’ book or other publication is a nice way to make the book feel personal and original. Art is dynamic and can be used for an inviting cover, or to fill extra pages in a book. Here are some examples and ideas to try out!

Yearbooks & Leavers’ Books

The Front & Back Cover

art yearbook cover

Sacred Heart Girls’ College

Create a book that people want to have out on display by incorporating art on the cover!

art book cover

Sacred Heart College

Student art makes a publication look more personal and less corporate. This makes it ideal for something sentimental like a leavers’ book. 

yearbook cover

Carmel College

Display student work on the front or back cover, or choose a piece that wraps around the entire outside of the book!

The Contents Page

yearbook contents page

ACG Strathallan

The contents page should be informative, but it’s also a chance to entice readers with what’s to come! Student art is a good way to add some colour and personality.

As a Feature

art pages

Sacred Heart Girls’ College

Lots of school yearbooks include art pages to show off the work of talented students. This is a great feature for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps to break up pages of long articles and provides visual interest along the way. It is also a good way to fill an extra page or two if other content falls through.

In the Background

Simple artwork or patterns can be incorporated through a yearbook or leavers’ book, or even used as a motif! This can give your publication a truly personal and original look.

Fundraisers & Special Books

School calendar

ACG Senior College

A calendar filled with student art is a perfect school fundraiser. As calendars are typically hung on the wall, incorporating art makes it not only functional but decorative, too.

Alternatively, if your school is releasing a recipe book, there is no better time to involve some creative students! Photos of food are great but illustrations are a fun and original way to illustrate steps or just to add something extra to the page!