Primary School Yearbooks: Creative Student Covers!

Primary School Yearbooks: Creative Student Covers!

Primary School Yearbooks: Creative Student Covers! 2560 1703 Spacific Creative

Primary school yearbooks provide lots of opportunities for students to engage and contribute. Whether through classroom page spreads and Q&As or showcasing art and activities, there are countless ways for each child to play their part within the yearbook’s pages. However, why not also involve students in designing the cover?!

Remuera Primary School yearbook cover

Remuera Primary School

Enlist a student to design an artistic and eye-catching yearbook cover! A student-designed book cover looks authentic and original, providing a friendly welcome to your readers!

Hurupaki School book cover photography

Hurupaki School

The best way to get students excited about their yearbook is to involve them in the design process! Involving students in the cover design gives them something to look forward to seeing and sharing with others at the end of the school year.

Cockle Bay primary school yearbook art

Cockle Bay School

Involving students in the design process is also a great teaching opportunity. It exposes them to rules and techniques required for design and printing, e.g. page dimensions, what content needs including etc.

Cockle Bay School student artwork cover

Cockle Bay School

Let the students design a cover that celebrates all the activities and events of the year. Handing over creative control is a great way to see the school year through their eyes.

Hurupaki School creative yearbook cover

Hurupaki School

Encourage teamwork and promote school spirit by making it a team project! Gather a group or classroom of students to collaborate and bring their ideas to life.

Sunnyhills School primary student art book cover

Sunnyhills School

Primary school yearbooks involve a lot of hard work, so why not hand over the task of designing the cover to the students?!