Yearbook Planning: Term 3 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 3 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 3 To-Dos 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

Term 3 is underway, and we are swiftly approaching the school yearbook busy season! Now is the time to ensure that your contributors are on track with their content to avoid a mad rush in Term 4. Let’s take a look at some things to prioritise in the upcoming weeks.

Keep Deadlines & Contributors on Track

Maintaining strong communication channels with your yearbook contributors is key to keeping your project on track. Term 3 is a good time for a progress check-in to ensure everyone is on course to meet their deadlines. Remind everyone of their tasks and how much space they are allocated (even if it’s still approximate at this stage), and see if they have any questions for you.

Review Content

As written content starts landing in your lap, give it a look over while you still have time. Check that word count requirements are adhered to and that the author’s name and title are attached so you aren’t left scrambling later on! Doing this early also gives you time to request any changes from contributors.

Check Images

Visuals are the heart of the yearbook, and having a diverse range of photos is key. Now is the time to review what you’ve gathered so far and check for additional photos from other contributors. This way, you still have another school term to fill any gaps! As contributors send in images, take a moment to ensure they are correctly labelled and filed– it’ll save you time later!