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Digital solutions are increasing as schools look to find ways to economise, reduce their carbon footprint, increase efficiency and track return on investment. Spacific work with many schools to create interactive and user-friendly digital communications and platforms that seamlessly connect with school’s unique audiences.

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Your website is one of the first ways your school community will connect with you so it’s super important it’s a positive first experience. Your website needs to be visually engaging and intuitive for visitors but it also needs to be highly functional and easy to update for your busy staff members. At Spacific, we understand the unique needs of school websites and using data, we can help create a website that connects with your users, meets your needs and looks amazing too.


Engaging your community in your school news has never been easier with Spacific’s unique e-newsletter solution. Newsletters are not only fantastic to view and interact with, they become searchable; translatable; trackable; sharable and have the ability to incorporate social media feeds which helps to keep your news current. Thanks to our no-hassle newsletter, staff, students, coaches and parents can contribute articles or photos to your online publication, while you still maintain editorial control.

Digital Publications

Create an interactive experience for your school community? Going digital with your publications is a fantastic way to bring your school to life, especially with the inclusion of video and slideshows, which can all be beautifully packaged with your document and easily shared with a wider audience. Your publication will no longer be limited to a specific number of pages while at the same time you’ll also be saving trees.

Richard Barnett, Principal, Pukekohe High School

Pukekohe High School has recently partnered with Spacific to design our new website. Spacific have proved highly responsive to our requests and flexible throughout the design and implementation stages. The website is a great representation of our school and can be easily added to and updated as our needs develop. The website also fully integrates with our new digital newsletter and means we can communicate with our wider community much more effectively. Delivered on time and on budget, the website is an excellent representation of our growing school.