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Create an interactive publication that

Digital communications make it easy to increase your reach and track your success. We work with schools like yours to build interactive and user-friendly digital platforms and publications. Our solutions are cost-efficient and connect seamlessly with your unique audience.

Our Work


Your website is the first touchpoint people may have with your school. It needs to be functional, engaging and leave visitors with a positive impression. We create websites that are easy for users to navigate and easy for school staff members to update.


Create an interactive e-newsletter that is easy to manage, share, translate and search. Keep your school up to date on the latest news and announcements sent right to their email or hosted on your website. Our no-hassle newsletters offer multi-user collaboration so that everyone can pitch in. This way, staff, students and coaches can all contribute content while you maintain editorial control.

Digital Publications

Digital publications are dynamic, easy to share and offer interactive benefits not possible in print. Go digital with your books and immerse your readers by adding video, slideshow and animation. And, because nothing needs printing, there is no need to worry about page counts or distribution!

Richard Barnett, Principal, Pukekohe High School

Pukekohe High School has recently partnered with Spacific Creative to design our new website. Spacific Creative have proved highly responsive to our requests and flexible throughout the design and implementation stages. The website is a great representation of our school and can be easily added to and updated as our needs develop. The website also fully integrates with our new digital newsletter and means we can communicate with our wider community much more effectively. Delivered on time and on budget, the website is an excellent representation of our growing school.