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We’re here to help your school achieve its strategic goals and bring your school’s vision to life.

Spacific Creative is an Auckland-based design agency focused on creative solutions for schools. Our company was born 20 years ago when we set out to create yearbooks that students would treasure. Since then, we have expanded our services and worked with hundreds of New Zealand schools to set them up for success.

All schools deserve access to great products and publications. That’s why we offer services that are flexible and built to work for your school. We understand the unique challenges the education sector faces, and finding solutions for our clients is what we’re all about!

Russell Brooke, Principal, Saint Kentigern College

As a principal of 14 years I have come to appreciate people who take time to learn and understand our school, and who then bring something to the table which enhance what we so. Spacific Creative are such people.  I have worked with them since 2007, and have brought them into each school that I have lead. They have a unique ability to present our school in a fresh and simple manner through a wide range of media. It always mattered to me that when a prospective parent browsed our prospectus they would hold in their hands a tangible experience of the quality of our school. This quality and openness has been reflected through websites, newsletters, prospectuses, yearbooks, and marketing collateral. Quality and simplicity are key foundations for me, and this is why, 14 years later, I still reach out to Spacific Creative.

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