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We’re here to help your school achieve its strategic goals and bring your school’s vision to life.

Spacific Creative is an Auckland-based design agency focused on creative solutions for schools. Our company was born 20 years ago when we set out to create yearbooks that students would treasure. Since then, we have expanded our services and worked with hundreds of New Zealand schools to set them up for success.

All schools deserve access to great products and publications. That’s why we offer services that are flexible and built to work for your school. We understand the unique challenges the education sector faces, and finding solutions for our clients is what we’re all about!

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10 Ways to Cut Down Yearbook Content

10 Ways to Cut Down Yearbook Content 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

The school year is jam-packed with memorable moments, and sometimes it can be challenging to fit everything into your yearbook. However, having too much yearbook content isn’t the worst situation,…

School yearbook page border design

Page Border Designs for School Yearbooks!

Page Border Designs for School Yearbooks! 2560 1920 Spacific Creative

A well-chosen page border can work wonders in creating an impactful and memorable yearbook! Borders help tie your yearbook theme together and uphold continuity across the pages. In this article,…

Term 2 school yearbook planning

Yearbook Planning: Term 2 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 2 To-Dos 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

It’s Term 2 and school is back in session! As you settle back into the swing of school life, it’s time to take a moment to check in with how…

fonts text

23 New Free Fonts for 2023!

23 New Free Fonts for 2023! 2560 1710 Spacific Creative

Are you looking to inject some fresh and exciting elements into your 2023 yearbook? Fonts are a great and very easy way to elevate your designs! Whether you’re aiming for…

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