Fun Ways to Capture and Display School Photos in 2024!

Fun Ways to Capture and Display School Photos in 2024!

Fun Ways to Capture and Display School Photos in 2024! 2493 1760 Spacific Creative

There are plenty of innovative ways to capture and display photos in your school publication. By embracing some unique approaches, you can liven up your pages, spotlight key moments and share some school personality! Here are some photo styles and methods to try out in 2024!

Aerial School Photography

Aerial drone picture school prospectus

Somerville Intermediate

Discover your school from an elevated perspective with sky-high aerial photos. These shots provide a unique bird’s-eye view of events, sports games, and the school campus, offering scenes that traditional photography can’t match.

School campus aerial photography

Northcross Intermediate

Use images taken from a height on your yearbook cover (or back cover) or as a stunning backdrop in your school prospectus. These images can provide a sense of scale and community, and are excellent for grabbing the reader’s attention!

Dynamic Action Shots

Sports photography

Long Bay College

Capture the thrill of the moment with dynamic action shots. From sports events to school productions, advancements in camera technology now make high-speed photography more accessible than ever.

School yearbook design

ACG Sunderland

Incorporate these shots into your yearbook or on your school website to showcase the energy and spirit of school life!

Full-Page School Photos

Full page school photos

Arahoe School

Create a striking focal point with full-page school photos. Dedicate an entire page or a two-page spread to a single, high-quality image.

School photos in yearbook

Long Bay College

Large photos are versatile but are excellent at the start of new sections in large school yearbooks as they help set the tone for the pages that follow.

Photo Masking

Photo masking technique geometric shapes

Ormiston Junior College

Transform your photos with creative photo masking. This technique uses shapes and text to artistically crop photos, adding a contemporary and unique flair to your layouts.

Yearbook photos and content ideas

Long Bay College

Depending on the chosen style, this technique is pretty versatile. However, it does lend itself to yearbooks, poster designs or social media posts for conveying some creativity and personality!

Photo Banners

Yearbook photo banner design

Saint Kentigern Boys’ School

Your photos don’t always need to take centre stage – in fact, the best place for them is sometimes at the top of your page! Adding a photo banner above a page heading helps to draw readers into the story, setting the tone for the content that follows.

School production photography

Pinehurst School

Try out some photo banners in next year’s school yearbook or prospectus!

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