Key Checks for Reviewing Yearbook Photos

Key Checks for Reviewing Yearbook Photos

Key Checks for Reviewing Yearbook Photos 1080 1080 Spacific Creative

Putting together a yearbook is like running a small production – lots of moving parts and plenty of room for error! While a grammar or spelling mistake can be easy to spot on a re-read, lots of photo mishaps are easy to slip past even the most astute eye! Here is a list of things to check when reviewing your yearbook photos to ensure there is no regret once you’ve gone to print.

Duplicate Photos

Nobody wants to see the same picture twice—so make sure there aren’t any double-ups! These mistakes can be hard to spot, especially when photos are small or are part of a photo collage. The best strategy to avoid this is to think contextually about where each photo might belong. For instance, an image of Year 7 students on a school camp could logically appear in either the ‘Year 7’ section or the ‘School Camp’ section. So make sure to check all possible places!

Inappropriate Yearbook Content

It’s important to screen your yearbook photos for anything that may be inappropriate or a bad reflection on your school or its students. If in doubt, leave it out. Look out for inappropriate hand gestures, attire that violates dress codes, and backgrounds that shouldn’t be there.

Photo Cropping

Check all your images for any weird cropping. An awkward crop can be distracting and leave people wondering what – or who – got cut out! Keep the focus on the subject and ensure that you’re not cropping too tight or too loose.

Quality Issues

Not all pictures are worth a thousand words, especially blurry or underexposed ones. Prioritise high-res, well-lit photos in your yearbook and leave out the rest.

Names & Captions

Getting names wrong in the captions is a quick way to annoy people. Double-check (or even triple-check!) that names are accurate and spelt correctly. This step is especially crucial if dealing with twins or students with similar names, where mix-ups are easy to make.

Misplaced Yearbook Images

Make sure every photo that should be in the yearbook is actually there – and in the right section. Also check that none of last year’s photos are accidentally making an appearance again this year!

Diverse & Inclusive Photos

Yearbooks should be a collective memory, not a highlight reel for a select few. Ensure a wide mix of students make their way onto the pages. With classroom pages, make sure every student gets their moment in the spotlight!

Need to make sure your written yearbook content is consistent? See our list of grammar and style rules to check!