Red School Yearbook Page Designs!

Red School Yearbook Page Designs!

Red School Yearbook Page Designs! 2560 1725 Spacific Creative

Want to add a punch of excitement to your school yearbook? Then red might be the colour you’re after. Red is energetic and sophisticated, and can make your yearbook pages pop! Here we have compiled a few great red yearbook pages from some of our clients – take a look!

Nga Taiatea Wharekura red yearbook design

Nga Taiatea Wharekura

St Orans College yearbook

St Orans College

Somerville College yearbook pages

Somerville College

Bright reds are a perfect choice if you’re after a high-contrast page that demands attention. They are also a great way to inject colour into otherwise monochrome designs!

Westlake Girls' High School red yearbook

Westlake Girls’ High School

Saint Kentigern Boys' School red design

Saint Kentigern Boys’ School

Red is an eye-catching colour, which makes it a great addition to your visual hierarchy! Consider opting for a bold shade of red when crafting headings, as it naturally draws your readers’ attention and guides their navigation through the page. For this reason, red is also a good choice for pull quotes or highlighted passages within articles!

Arahoe School sports yearbook pages

Arahoe School

Howick Intermediate school page designs

Howick Intermediate

Dio red yearbook

Diocesan School for Girls

While red is undeniably bold, you can create a calmer palette by pairing it with similar or softer shades of red. Consider combining pale reds with rich maroon tones to strike a harmonious balance.

ACG Sunderland yearbook page design

ACG Sunderland

Albany Junior High School Yearbook pages

Albany Junior High School

ACG Strathallan yearbooks

ACG Strathallan

If you aren’t sure what colour to pair with red, why not try a shade of blue? Red and blue are complementary colours, sitting on the opposite side of the colour wheel.

Dio red design

Diocesan School for Girls

ACG Strathallan red yearbook pages

ACG Strathallan

Do you enjoy the boldness of red but want something a bit more off-beat? Then check out some orange yearbook designs!