15 Unique Yearbook Contents Page Designs for Better Navigation

15 Unique Yearbook Contents Page Designs for Better Navigation

15 Unique Yearbook Contents Page Designs for Better Navigation 1700 1022 Spacific Creative

A large yearbook needs to be easy to navigate. Page numbers and topic sections provide structure and a system for your book. A contents page or table of contents can then inform the reader where each section is located.

The contents page is typically on Page 1 of the yearbook. Each section title can be broad but should be easy to understand. Here are 15 designs from our clients’ yearbooks to help make navigation easier!

Contents Page Designs

1. St Oran’s College 2016 Yearbook

St Oran's College 2016 Yearbook contents page, rainbow colours and photos

This yearbook contents page uses colour in a simple way to group different sections.

2. ACG Sunderland 2018 Yearbook

ACG Sunderland 2018 Yearbook Contents, blue and white design on page

Layered, semi-translucent angled lines bring energy and movement to the page.

3. ACG Strathallan 2020 Yearbook

Artwork in yearbook

Incorporate student art into your contents page for a simple, pretty look.

4. Somerville Intermediate School 2019 Yearbook

Teal and white wave effect design

This simple wave design is proof that a yearbook contents page doesn’t need to be complicated to look good.

5. St Mary’s College 2019 Yearbook

St Mary's college Landscape contents page

Here is a bold yearbook contents page with a landscape layout!

6. Long Bay College 2018 Yearbook

LBC dark yearbook contents page

Try white text on a dark background for something a bit different.

7. Glendowie College 2018 Yearbook

Glendowie College coloured labels design

Simple categories with lots of white space looks sophisticated and professional.

8. ACG Parnell 2020 Yearbook

ACG Parnell College white with triangle shapes

This design uses different coloured triangles for a modern, confident page.

9. Farm Cove Intermediate 2016 Yearbook

Farm Cove Intermediate Wooden background

Add texture to your page with a photo-realistic background.

10. Long Bay College 2017 Yearbook

Professional and simple contents page design

Include some school photos on your contents page!

11. ACG Strathallan 2017 Yearbook

ACG Strathallan red patterned contents page design

Colours and patterns are layered in this yearbook for a truly unique look.

12. St Kentigern College 2019 Yearbook

St Kents photography and coloured titles in yearbook

This design is balanced horizontally, with an image on one side and the contents categories on the other.

13. Kristin School 2020 Yearbook

Kristin School teal yearbook contents design

Stick to your school colours and use shades with similar hues for a calming effect.

14. Diocesan School for Girls 2020 Yearbook

Dio yearbook contents page design

Here is an unconventional layout that uses photos for each category.

15. Long Bay College 2020 Yearbook

Translucent blue and yellow design

This contents page includes layered semi-translucent colour blocks and a pretty script font.