Fun New Ways to Display School Photos!

Fun New Ways to Display School Photos!

Fun New Ways to Display School Photos! 2560 2001 Spacific Creative

Are you tired of displaying school photos in the same ways repeatedly? If you’re designing a yearbook, leavers book or school magazine, you likely have lots of images at your disposal. So why not vary your photo layouts or perhaps adopt a unique photo style for the entire publication!

Here are some unique photo styles to try out!

Black & White With Colour

book covers photos colour design

Harper Collins book covers

Use colour contrast to your advantage by pairing a cut-out black and white image with a third bold shade.

Pair this photo style with an article, or try it out for a yearbook cover or table of contents page.

Mixed Media Photography

childrens doodle drawings on photo

Veritas X Eva Mouton

Combine photography with illustrations for a mixed media effect! Try adding childlike doodles to your photos or even some surrealist elements for something outside the box!

Duochrome Designs

If you want your images to take a back seat, why not incorporate them into your page design!

Reduce some large photos down to two shades for a modern duochrome look. This muted style can blend easily into your existing colour scheme.

Mixed With Text

school photos cricket text

Utsav City by Today Global Developers

Add some photos to your page headings! Instead of a solid title colour, opt for an image cut out in the shape of your text!

Otherwise, add text to a photo and overlap elements for a layered effect.

Geometric Imagery

Incorporate a geometric or fragmented look into your school photos!

St Mary's College school prospectus geometric images

St Mary’s College school prospectus

Try hexagons or triangles to pair with your design theme, just ensure no important parts of the images are cut off!

Still after some more school photo inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board!