Content Ideas for Your Inside Yearbook Cover

Content Ideas for Your Inside Yearbook Cover

Content Ideas for Your Inside Yearbook Cover 2560 1920 Spacific Creative

Have you spent so much time designing your front yearbook cover and finalising the internal pages that your inside cover has become an afterthought?

The inside cover (the very first and last page of the book) is precious real estate! Here are some ways to utilise the inside cover in your next school yearbook.

A Welcome Message or Greeting

Yearbook inside cover and contents page

Long Bay College yearbook

Use your front inside cover to welcome readers to the yearbook! Make it friendly or formal and help set the tone of the book. If your school has a unique greeting or you wish to weave in a cultural element, here is a great place to do it.

Student Artwork

School artwork

ACG Strathallan yearbook

Line your inside yearbook cover with some standout student art. It’s a nice way to begin your yearbook, as it eases readers into the heavier content.

School Campus Photography

School prospectus design

Marcellin College prospectus

Here is an excellent idea for a yearbook, centenary book or school prospectus! Include an aerial image of your school grounds across the front and back inside cover. This image could be a photo of the campus today, from the early years, or half and half!

Photos From School Life & Events

yearbook back cover primary school design

Cockle Bay School yearbook

Use this space for those extra photos that didn’t fit or to highlight small events from the year. Shed a spotlight on the teaching staff or give readers a glimpse of school life!

School Traditions

School traditions inside yearbook cover

Otahuhu College yearbook

Show off your school’s personality by including some special traditions. Each school has its own approach to filling these pages – so make it unique!

Advertising & Yearbook Sponsors

Kristin School yearbook advertising

Kristin School yearbook

Whether you need space to advertise your yearbook sponsors or to promote a program in your school, the back inside cover is the ideal spot! This way, the messaging won’t distract from the rest of your yearbook content but will still get the recognition it deserves.