How to Market to International Students in 2021

How to Market to International Students in 2021

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International study came to a pause in 2020, with travel restrictions and pandemic uncertainty. But while borders remain shut, a strong interest in New Zealand education remains. As the world slowly returns to normal it’s now time to start marketing your school!

Here is a current snapshot of the New Zealand international education sector and some tips for marketing your school. 

International Education in 2021

Marketing Your School

Short-Form Content

Long Bay College Virtual Tour

Short-form content is quick to consume and easy to understand. It is an important tool for promoting your school and getting a message out. Instead of covering all topics with depth, use short-form content to highlight a single topic or aspect of school life. This is a fast and convenient way to reach prospective students who are researching a range of schools.

Here are some short-form content ideas to share:

  • Virtual video school tours. Show your school to people who cannot be there in person with a short tour and overview of your campus.
  • Video interviews with key staff, school departments, international students and homestay families.
  • Photos and videos about what it’s like to live in New Zealand, and top local travel destinations.

Increase your audience by making your content easy to access and interact with. Short-form content should be fast in every way: fast format and fast response time. This is why social media is optimal for this content as it’s easy to communicate and respond to questions. 

Make sure to also post this content on your school website as that is where many will come to find information. Just ensure your website is optimised for different devices and web browsers so viewers receive the best experience.

Long-Form Content

international school prospectus

St Mary’s College International School Prospectus

Long-form content lets you cover a range of issues in one place. This means you can dive deep into important steps for enrolment, visas and student housing.

An international school prospectus is pivotal for telling your school’s story in a succinct and accurate way. Include all the necessary information into one booklet to ensure your important communications are easy to find. This is the perfect place for long, detailed content as your readers are likely already interested in international education. A great school prospectus takes some time to put together and to translate into different languages, so the earlier you get started the better!

The school website is an accessible place to include extra content and details that couldn’t fit in the prospectus. It is also the first place many people will look to find information on your school. Long-form content is also ideal for your website as it helps with good SEO. Repeated use of relevant words and phrases leads to your website appearing higher in search engine rankings for people looking at international education.

If your school would like help putting together international marketing materials, get in touch with Spacific Creative! We are experienced with school websites, prospectuses and international marketing collateral.