School Products, Designs & Books From 2022

School Products, Designs & Books From 2022

School Products, Designs & Books From 2022 3243 2307 Spacific Creative

Last year, Spacific Creative worked with a range of schools to create their 2022 yearbooks, but that’s not all we did! Initially founded as a yearbook company, nowadays we are involved with a range of print and digital school products. In 2022, we helped create stationery, marketing materials and fundraiser products – here are some highlights!

School Stationery

Carmel College business card

Carmel College business card

Good school stationery helps create a strong brand identity! So set yourself up for success with professional school products like business cards, letterheads, certificates and email signatures.

School certificate design

Long Bay College & Carmel College certificates

Fundraising & Events

School fundraiser calendar

Marcellin College calendar

Have you got a school event coming up, or do you need a product for a fundraiser? Spacific Creative can help create posters, tickets, calendars, cookbooks and more!

school ticket design

Glendowie College ticket

School Marketing

Domestic school prospectus

Long Bay College prospectus

Need to get the word out about your school and what’s on offer? Then you’ll need some excellent marketing collateral! From booklets to prospectuses, we can create products for domestic and international audiences to help capture a wide reach.

school marketing booklet

St Kentigern College 12 Reasons Why booklet

Student Books

student diary cover design

Northcross Intermediate student diary

student leavers book

Diocesan School for Girls leavers book

School isn’t always easy for students to navigate. Whether it’s timetables, keeping on top of homework or understanding subjects, there’s lots to keep track of! So help them stay organised and informed with student diaries, curriculum guides and subject booklets!

school curriculum booklet

Howick Intermediate School curriculum booklet

student guide booklet design

Long Bay College student guide