School Social Media Tips: Content & Design

School Social Media Tips: Content & Design

School Social Media Tips: Content & Design 2560 1710 Spacific Creative

Want to improve your school’s social media presence? 

With so many metrics available, it’s easy to get consumed with views, likes and shares as a measurement of success. But a strong social score doesn’t equate to a successful school!

For most schools, social media success means engaging with, and fostering, community. Use your platforms to share valuable updates and school goings-on. If parents and caregivers know they will find quality content, they will continue to visit your page and stay engaged. 

There is no one “optimal” school social media strategy. Each school’s goals, audience and voice differ. And finding what works for your community is a matter of trial and error!

When to Post?

Whether you post once a week or three times a day, make sure it is quality content that serves a purpose. Do not post just because you think you should!

Ask yourself when your audience will most likely be online. Is it in the morning after a school drop-off, or maybe in the evening after work? Knowing when your community likes to engage on social media can help you gauge the best time of day to post!

What to Post?

If you are unsure what people want to see from your school, the best way to find out is to post and see what gains traction! 

While popular posts indicate what people want more of, varying content is the key to success. Posting a range of topics keeps people engaged and ensures there is content for everyone in your broad-ranging community. 

So make your social media content a mix of school updates and small glimpses into school life.

School Updates:

  • Reminders: exam dates, teacher-only days, uniform-free days, parent-teacher interviews
  • Links and call-to-action posts: where to buy event, or find your latest fundraiser item to purchase!

School Life:

  • Camp photos: Post images from camp as they happen so parents can see what they are up to in real-time 
  • School campus tours: Include video content and show your community around the school. You can even get students involved with this! 
  • Event content: Post photos and videos from swimming sports and athletics days
  • Student achievements: Success inside the school, inter-school competitions and extracurricular 
  • Alumni profiles: What are your former students now up to now?
  • School holiday content: Post some fun activities to try these holidays
  • School history: Include fun, interesting or weird facts about your school!

Improve the Look!

Look over your social pages to ensure they are easy to navigate and all facts are up-to-date. Check your contact information and that the link to your website works as it should.

A high-res version of your school logo is best for your profile picture. For Facebook, your cover photo is where you can get more creative and mix up what image you use. This top banner is an excellent place to promote your next school event!

If you’d like your content to have a polished and professional look, you may benefit from some design templates. Reach out to find out how Spacific Creative can help!