Last Minute Ways to Fill Your Yearbook Pages

Last Minute Ways to Fill Your Yearbook Pages

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It’s not easy to predict how much content you will need to fill your yearbook pages. And often, there will be content that isn’t ready on time or up to scratch. This is why putting together a yearbook requires a lot of flexibility and late decisions regarding page allocations.

If you find yourself in a last-minute scramble, here are the easiest ways to fill the extra space in your yearbook!

Add More Images

yearbook photo collage page

ACG Sunderland

It should come as no surprise that using photos is the easiest way to fill those empty yearbook pages. If you have a bunch of extra images without a home, create a photo collage full of school highlights from the year!

school yearbook double page article spread

Albany Junior High School

For pages where the written content is sparse and takes up less space than anticipated, add some more images! The visual elements are often the most engaging part of a yearbook, so don’t be afraid to include more than you planned. Just ensure that the photo quality is still appropriate!

Large school photos

Arahoe School

If there are no extra photos you can include, consider increasing the size of the ones already on the page.

Increase Your Motifs

motif pattern page design

Nga Taiatea Wharekura

If you’re using a page motif or pattern throughout your yearbook, now is the time to make it shine! Your motif may vary in colour and size throughout the book, so on pages where content is sparse, this is your chance to make it large!

Add Autograph Pages

school yearbook autograph pages

Remuera Primary School

Add an autograph page if you find yourself with an extra page at the end of your book. Having a place for students to write messages and sign one another’s yearbooks is a great way to get them to engage with the publication.

Leaver book autograph pages

Diocesan School for Girls

If you have already included an autograph page, nothing is stopping you from adding one or two more to fill up your book!

Are you having the opposite problem? If filling up the yearbook pages isn’t your issue, check out our article on how to cut content!