Creating a Collaborative School Publication From Start to Finish

Creating a Collaborative School Publication From Start to Finish

Creating a Collaborative School Publication From Start to Finish 1920 1227 Spacific Creative

There are many types of school publications, from yearbooks to leavers’ books, calendars to newsletters. But one thing that all successful publications have in common is a personal connection with the reader. 

This personal connection can begin long before the publication goes to print. Involving your school community from start to finish will help you create content that they find relatable and enjoy reading. Here are some ways to collaborate and create a truly interactive publication.

The Team

School publications need a large volume of content to be successful. They are a huge undertaking but all the work shouldn’t have to fall on your shoulders!

A school yearbook team or publications committee is a great way to spread the workload. Students will enjoy getting involved while gaining co-working experience that will aid them in the future.

Involving students is also a great way to get a diverse range of opinions on content, design and tone. As most school publications are aimed towards students and their parents, having their input is very valuable.

The Contributors

Good yearbooks should represent the many voices of your school community. Hearing from students, teachers, coaches and parents helps to paint a well-rounded picture of your school. 

Having diverse content and contributors is important every year, but especially in 2020. The experience of remote teaching and learning will be different for everyone, and people will want to tell their story. The disrupted school year may also make gathering enough yearbook content difficult. The more contributors who are willing to provide content, the easier the process will be.

The Tools

Technology only makes it easier to collaborate and receive content. Create and share Dropbox folders where your contributors can submit written pieces and photos from events. Collaborating with students may also introduce you to new technology you have never heard of!

When creating a yearbook or specialised book with Spacific Creative, you will get access to our collaborative software so that your team can work online together. Collaboration is also possible with our newsletter service – students and staff can write and submit content to be approved by an authorised person before going live.

The Content

No matter what publication you are creating, you can always include content from your school community.

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Student art is a great addition to yearbooks, leavers’ books and fundraiser books. Both art and photography provide a welcome break between text-heavy pages. They are also a great way to fill the gaps when other expected content doesn’t arrive!

Put your students’ creativity to the test and challenge them to create an artistic book cover. Either host it as a competition or involve all the students in a creative group shot!

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Q&As with students are an obvious thing to include in leavers’ books, but also have their place in a 2020 yearbook. Learning how students managed this year will be incredible to look back on for years to come. 

Creating a school publication that students will still interact with after it has gone to print is a good sign of its success. Custom school calendars, autograph pages in leavers’ books, and useful recipes in school cookbooks keep students feeling connected.

For more ways to involve your school community this year, see our article on 2020 Yearbook Content.