How to Get the Most Out of Your Pinterest Boards

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pinterest Boards

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pinterest Boards 1920 1173 Spacific Creative

Pinterest is a great platform for collecting images for all types of hobbies and projects. You may already be using Pinterest in your personal life, but it is also a great site for yearbook planning.

If you have created a yearbook or leavers’ book with Spacific Creative, you will know that we are fans of Pinterest! We love to collaborate on boards to better understand your school’s design vision.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your Pinterest account for your next school publication.

Follow Great Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest follow accounts

Pinterest is only as good as the content you follow. Your Home feed is comprised of posts from followed accounts and images that are similar to your previous pins. There are lots of great Pinterest accounts to follow that will help you with yearbook design.

Here are some of our favourites to check out:

Our Spacific Creative Pinterest is also a great resource for all things yearbook! We post page designs, typography, colour palettes and all sorts of other yearbook inspiration.

Follow Pinterest Boards

The wide range of images and subjects available on Pinterest can be both helpful and a hindrance. You may have experienced following a great designer only for your Home feed to become full of dinner recipes and home workouts!

YOLO nz Pinterest Boards

Instead of following accounts, look through their boards and only follow those that are relevant to your project. This will clean up your Home feed and make it easier to find quality content.

Pin Lots

If you have no idea what design style you are after, the best thing to do is to just start pinning! The more you pin, the more clear your tastes and vision will become. There is no harm in pinning too much – once a pattern starts to emerge and you get a clear idea of what you are after, you can always delete pins that aren’t needed.

Design Images

Besides from looking through your Home feed or using the Search button, the More ideas button within each board is a great way to find new content. Here you will find a selection of pins that are similar to those you have already pinned. This can give you better results than using the search function.

Pinterest board More ideas
Click the More ideas button to find similar pins

The best way to pin lots is to have easy access to Pinterest. If you are only using Pinterest on your computer, your interactions will be more organised and less organic. Download the app on your phone or tablet which will allow you to browse and pin more often. This, in turn, will provide you with more and better design content.

Utilise Boards & Sections

It is a lot easier to keep track of your ideas and design vision when things are well organised. This is especially important in the initial ideas phase of your yearbook when you are still brainstorming design options.

Instead of pinning all your images in one place, separate them by category. Create different boards for layout ideas, colour schemes, yearbook covers and other inspiration. By keeping your ideas separate, your More ideas column located at the top of your board will be more tailored to the subject matter.

Pinterest boards and sections

If you would prefer to keep your pins on one board, try utilising Sections instead. This allows you to organise your board pins by sub-category.

Collaborate With Your Yearbook Team

We love to collaborate on Pinterest boards as it gives us a good idea of your style. If you are designing a yearbook with a team of people, create a board and add your teammates by username or email. This way they can see your pins and add their own contributions!

Pin Your Own Images

School Yearbook pin

New content is constantly being added to Pinterest, but sometimes you will find great inspiration elsewhere. It is a good idea to keep all your inspiration in the same place, so pin directly from websites or even upload content from your last school yearbook!

For more great websites that can help you with yearbook creation, check out our article on The Top Ten Internet Tools You’ve Never Heard Of.