The Top Typography Trends for 2023!

The Top Typography Trends for 2023!

The Top Typography Trends for 2023! 2560 1920 Spacific Creative

Fonts are a key component for setting the tone of your design. Spacific Creative has compiled the top 5 typography trends for 2023 to try in your next yearbook or graphic design project. Take a look!

Funky Fonts

Think outside the box and test your creativity with this first 2023 typography trend! Create a type-based design with an adventurous, quirky or childlike font. This font style would be excellent for a yearbook cover or event poster!

Subtle Gradients

Who says your headings need to be a flat colour? For 2023, soft gradient headings are a popular choice for tech-based products and websites. Try this trend out for a futuristic yearbook or classroom page!

Condensed Type

Our third 2023 typography trend is condensed typography. This trend is excellent for headings and looks great in an all-caps format. This trend looks modern and works well with high-contrast colour palettes.

80s Editorial

This typography trend is a throwback to 80s catalogues, magazines and ads. This look includes large, readable serif fonts with high colour contrast. Luckily, you don’t have to search far to find a suitable font for this trend. Try Times New Roman, Goudy Stout, Caslon 540 or Seriously Nostalgic.

This typography style pairs well with designs that appear a bit homemade and rough around the edges. Think cutout images, simple one-toned backgrounds and gritty textures.

Multicoloured Type

Our final trend is an easy one to incorporate into your yearbook due to its versatility. A two-toned or even multi-toned heading is an excellent way to emphasise certain words or phrases, and bring some fun to your page!