2023 Colour Trends for School Graphic Design

2023 Colour Trends for School Graphic Design

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The new year is almost here – so it’s time to check out the 2023 colour trends! For 2023, graphic design will be bright and fun. Here are our 5 top colour trends for your 2023 yearbook, marketing collateral or school fundraiser!

Use the Rainbow

After a few years of beige and muted earth tones taking centre stage, rainbow designs are back! Instead of limiting your colour palette, 2023 is all about a bold, varied use of colour.

Graffiti Gradients

Different variations of the gradient trend have been popular for a few years now. In 2023, gradients will become more radiant and haphazard. Instead of blending soft shades, it will be more vibrant and random – reminiscent of spray paint!

Viva Magenta

Pantone releases a colour of the year each year that they expect will dominate interiors, fashion and design. The 2023 colour, Viva Magenta, is a bright and warm shade. The company states:

“Today’s consumers spend large portions of their days looking at a screen where the visuals tend towards pale and neutral… A brand using Viva Magenta expresses that it’s fearless, engaging, and that looks at the world unconventionally to bring about new solutions.”

Try out this magenta for our following two 2023 colour trends!

Bold Minimalism

If you want to keep your graphic design simple but still eye-catching, this next trend is for you. Let colour take centre stage and keep your other design elements uncomplicated. Pair your bright colours with chunky bold fonts and plenty of white space.

Electric Pastels

Our final 2023 colour trend is an exciting twist to the ever-popular pastel shades. Instead of muted pastels, pale colours are paired with bold or even neon shades for a more contrasting effect.

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