2023 Graphic Design Trends for Yearbooks

2023 Graphic Design Trends for Yearbooks

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With the New Year on our doorstep, it’s time to look at the graphic design trends for 2023!

If you have design projects planned for early next year (or wish to get a head start on your yearbook!), here are some new trends to spark your creativity.

Imperfect Florals

Our first 2023 design trend embraces imperfection! Florals and botanic themes have been popular over the past few years, but for 2023 they are set to look more organic. Think grainy textures, rough hand-drawn illustrations and earthy colours. This versatile design trend could be incorporated into a school diary or used as a yearbook motif!

Nostalgic Stickers

Stickers have always been a popular way for students to adorn their school books and belongings. And there is no need to forego them in the digital era! An excellent addition to a leavers book, yearbook or diary, stickers bring a nostalgic edge to your design.

Retro Line Illustrations

Minimal, retro line art is our next top 2023 trend! Simple, fluid lines paired with a small colour palette evoke a sense of nostalgia and plenty of fun. This trend is the perfect addition to a poster or yearbook that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Pair with a thick retro font to complete the look!

Risograph Effect

Risograph is a technique that involves printing one colour at a time, building the design layer by layer. The layering of colour is typically not perfect, with colours partially overlapping and creating a ‘double exposure’ effect. This is part of the charm of risograph printing, as it produces a truly unique, organic look. Risoprint is a great way to add texture and depth to your design.

Child-Like Doodles

What better trend for a primary school yearbook than some childlike doodles? Our final 2023 trend embraces carefree scribbles and brings an authentic human touch to your design. These hand-drawn illustrations are also an excellent way to fill empty spaces on your pages!