Rainbow School Yearbook Designs From Our Clients

Rainbow School Yearbook Designs From Our Clients

Rainbow School Yearbook Designs From Our Clients 2560 2106 Spacific Creative
Coloured pencils page motif

Gladstone Primary School

Are you unsure what colours to use in your next school yearbook? Instead of narrowing your choices down, why not use them all?!

rainbow magazine cover

Te Awamutu College

A rainbow colour palette evokes optimism, energy and new beginnings, which makes it perfect for an end-of-year yearbook!

Classroom yearbook spread

Waimauku School

People are attracted to colourful shades and may be more likely to pick up your rainbow-coloured design! The bright colour palette lets readers know they are in for a fun read, making it perfect for a primary school yearbook.

Curriculum pathways course guide book

Saint Kentigern College

Using a wide range of contrasting colours is an excellent idea for infographics and flowcharts. The colours help to separate sections and to jazz up less exciting content.

Yearbook colour rainbow watercolour

Carmel College

Pair your bold colour palette with lots of white space. Not only does this give your reader’s eyes a break, but it can also make the bright shades stand out more.

Rainbow gradient yearbook

Farm Cove Intermediate

A rainbow colour palette is a bold choice, but you can always tone it down to better suit your theme. 

Watercolour coloured pages

Waimauku School

Try only incorporating a rainbow border, or pick more muted shades for a softer look.

Rainbow coloured yearbook design

Northland School

Using rainbow shades gives you lots of options when designing. Some sections or pages may require a light background, whereas others might need to stand out. With many colours at your disposal, you can mix and match as you see fit.

Rainbow school student diary cover

Carmel College

While a rainbow colour palette gives your pages a bright and contrasting look, it’s important that the shades you pick still look cohesive. The easiest way to do this is by choosing colours of equal brightness and saturation.

colourful page border

Long Bay College

Not sure if a rainbow yearbook theme is for you? Check out some other colour palette ideas from our clients!