Interesting Content Ideas for School Yearbooks!

Interesting Content Ideas for School Yearbooks!

Interesting Content Ideas for School Yearbooks! 2560 1426 Spacific Creative

Do you need some content ideas to fill your extra yearbook pages? Or maybe just some fresh material to differentiate this yearbook from last year’s!

Content doesn’t always need to be lengthy or detailed to be interesting. In fact, simple, easy-to-read stories are often the most popular!

Here are some written and visual content ideas that are perfect additions to your primary or intermediate school yearbook.

The First Day of School

first day of school photos content ideas

Mt Carmel School

This idea requires some forethought at the very start of the school year! Snap some photos on the first day of Term 1 of students arriving for their first day at school. These pictures could include parents, caregivers and siblings.

Interviews With School Teachers

School teacher interviews content in yearbook

Farm Cove Intermediate

Add some get-to-know-me interviews with teaching staff! Keep this light-hearted with a few questions that shed light on their lives outside of school hours.

School News in Brief

School news

Waitakere College

If you have half a yearbook page to spare, include a brief section on school news. List out student achievements, new buildings or exciting trips from throughout the year.

Term Overview

Term Highlights photo content

Mt Carmel School

If you’d like a more detailed news section, break it down by school term. Dedicate a page spread to each school term, with lots of facts and lots of photos!

School Life & Memories

School life

Remuera Primary School

Celebrate the small stuff with a photo collage of everyday events. What’s happening in the classroom, at lunchtime and after school?

Outside School Interests

Student hobbies yearbook

Kaiapoi North School

Show some recognition of the hobbies your students have outside the school gates. What after-school activities are they involved with? This section helps to show a well-rounded view of your school community.

This Year in Culture

yearbook content ideas

Kaiapoi North School

Dedicate a section to world events for a keepsake that extends past your school. Show school life within the context of this year, in culture, sport, art and politics.

Prefects & School Ambassadors

School prefects yearbook pages

Cockle Bay School

Include a focus on school prefects or ambassadors. Let them write about their leadership roles and what they have learnt over the year. This provides a good insight for younger students and may encourage them to take on leadership positions at school.

School Support Staff

non-teaching school staff focus yearbook design

Farm Cove Intermediate

Highlight the people who keep your school running in the background. Include photos or a Q&A with different staff members.

Graduating Students

graduating student

Mt Carmel School

If you aren’t creating a separate leavers book, add a section for graduating students at the end of your yearbook. This section can take whatever shape you like or have space for.

Teachers’ Last Words

teachers final words content

Farm Cove Intermediate

Give the teachers the final say at the end of the yearbook, with their closing remarks and hopes for the future!