How to Create a Sentimental Leavers Book

How to Create a Sentimental Leavers Book

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A leavers book is the perfect way for students to end their school chapter. All the stories, photos, student profiles and Q&As will only become more enjoyable on every reread. Here are some ideas to include for a school leavers book your students will cherish.

Messages From Head Staff & Students

Staff Messages Leavers Book Content

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Begin your school leavers book with farewell messages from the principal, dean or head prefects. Share some fun school memories or offer practical advice for the future!

Classroom Features

School Class or House

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Classrooms, tutor groups and competitive houses are a big part of school life. Devote a few pages to these groups, filled with photos and stories!

Photos Over the Years

Photos from Events & Camp

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Include photos of the leaving year group from school events, at camp and in the classroom. And instead of just using photos from their final year, why not include some images from their earlier years at school! Photos in a leavers book are fun to look back on, and they are a great way to fill extra pages.

Then & Now Photos

Students Then & Now

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See how much each student has grown and changed with a Then and Now photo comparison. Include the school ID photos of each student the year they joined your school and in their final year.


student poetry

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Why not include a poem at the beginning or end of the leavers book for a sentimental goodbye. Have a creative student or teacher write something personalised for your school that everyone will connect with.

Student Profiles

Student profiles

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Dedicate a page or section to each student to ensure everyone from the year is featured. Include their name, some photos and even a short Q&A about school. Ask about their funniest school memory, proudest moment or plans for the future.

It’s best to give your students these questions well ahead of time. Some students will forget or leave it to the last minute, so some buffer time is essential!

Autograph Pages

autographs leavers book

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End your leavers book with a few pages spare where students can write messages to their peers. Autograph pages get students interacting with the book, and they are always fun to look back on.

Most Likely to…

student school leavers book page

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Ask teachers or get students to vote on a range of Most Likely To questions. Make guesses on the student most likely to become prime minister, a comedian, or fall asleep in class. Just ensure the questions are all lighthearted and fun!

Make Sure It’s Personal

A leavers book is likely to be your most sentimental school publication. It’s only for the eyes of leaving students so it should be personal. Try out a unique theme, include pictures and stories from everyone and get your students involved in the process!