Is Futuristic Design the Way Forward? Tips & Styles for Yearbooks

Is Futuristic Design the Way Forward? Tips & Styles for Yearbooks

Is Futuristic Design the Way Forward? Tips & Styles for Yearbooks 1920 1280 Spacific Creative

There is nothing like a new decade to remind us of the future. Futuristic and retro-futuristic design are big for 2020 and are easy to include in a yearbook! From fonts to photography, create a unique yearbook that is perfect for the digital age.

Futuristic Colours

Yearbook colour design

There are different ways to achieve a futuristic palette but one feature they all have in common is a glowing feel. Effective colour themes are electric and full of energy!

futuristic neon palette

Pair black with contrasting neons to create a dark-mode palette reminiscent of nighttime city lights. This cool toned palette is popular in futuristic and dystopian video games. 

Futuristic gradient image

Futuristic colour palettes can also include bold gradients and duotones that play with lighting. Give them a try in your yearbook for a futuristic twist!

Futuristic Photography

Photography blue and red lighting

Futuristic design includes bold gradients and a play on lighting. This can also be extended to the photography you take by playing around with colour and dreamy hues. Combine blue and red, or purple and green lighting for a contrasting, futuristic look.

Neon Colours Yearbook

If you like the look of coloured lighting but would prefer a simpler approach, reduce your images down to one or two colours digitally. This will create a monochrome or duotone palette that fits perfectly into a futuristic design theme!

Futuristic Fonts

Futuristic fonts are often thin and geometric with unique characters. Yet graffiti like fonts, or bold comic book style fonts can also suit a this theme. Here are some free fonts with futuristic elements that are ideal for headings.

orbitron robotic font design
lazer 84 font
Lazer 84
skyer font
finite futuristic design
elixia futurism font
audiowide font
font the missing link
The Missing Link
futuristic font elianto

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