School Stationery: What to Brand & Why You Should!

School Stationery: What to Brand & Why You Should!

School Stationery: What to Brand & Why You Should! 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

Recognisable, well-designed school stationery is a pivotal component of school branding. While important, creating a professional, clear identity doesn’t need to be complex! As long as it is consistent across your media and communication platforms, subtle branding is often best. 

Quality school stationery portrays a sense of confidence and cohesion. So here are some ways Spacific Creative can help you design and implement some products and branding for your school!

School Letterheads

school letterhead stationery design

Marcellin College letterhead

A letterhead is a printed design template with your school logo, name, and address. And adding one to your document makes it look official and recognisable. Letterheads are versatile, and you can use them for a range of formal letters, notices or invoices from your school.

Business Cards

business card design

St Mary’s College business cards

Business cards help ensure your details are shared correctly with outside vendors and members of your school community. As a pivotal part of your school branding, business cards provide an air of legitimacy and professionalism to your staff.

Staff Email Signatures

digital email signature design

Sancta Maria College email signature

In the digital world we all live in, there is no need to limit stationery to just print media! Lots of would-be letters are now emails. So sharpen up your online communications with an email signature!

An email signature acts like a digital business card at the bottom of your message. They include facts like your name, job title, contact details and maybe even a photo. An email signature lets your recipients know they are speaking with a real person and that your message isn’t just another automated email clogging their inbox.

Other School Stationery

school stationery calendar planner

St Paul’s Collegiate School term planner

The options for stationery are endless, and each school will have a different vision and goals. Spacific Creative can help you with all your stationery ideas, from term planners to certificates, greeting cards and even bookmarks! So get in touch!