How to Create an International School Prospectus

How to Create an International School Prospectus

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A successful prospectus relies on informative content, great photos and fabulous design! These are key for a good first impression, but an international school prospectus also requires some additional information.

International School Prospectus Content

Be Clear on Location

If you are used to publishing to a New Zealand audience, it’s easy to forget to mention your location! But for an international audience, it should be clear early on where your school is located.

International information front cover

Include the city and country at the beginning of the school prospectus, either on the front cover after your school name or on the first internal page.

Why New Zealand?

International students may consider schools in various countries, so narrow down the competition and get them excited about the prospect of New Zealand!

Living in Auckland New Zealand Facts and Information

Write an overview of the country, including facts on geography, climate and fun things to do. And don’t forget some fabulous landscape photos to set the scene! Describe what it is like to live in your town or city. You could also include a simple map for clarity.

Education in New Zealand

Every prospectus should include information on your school curriculum, but an international prospectus should be even more specific.

New Zealand education and curriculum information

How we teach and how students learn in New Zealand may not be common knowledge. So information on NCEA, term dates and timetables are important additions. Including facts about the teaching style or homework expectations also help parents decide if your school is a good fit.

Dedicate a page to your school’s English Second Language program and make it clear what level of English proficiency is required for admission. Explain how students are supported in their language learning, whether that is in the classroom, through social activities or with their homestay.

Photos from School Trips

School trips and travel for international students

Dedicate a page to the camps or trips organised for international students. Photos from trips to exciting locations give families an idea of life outside of studying. Attending school overseas can seem daunting so photos from trips give students something fun to look forward to.

Student Profiles

A great way to appeal to new students is through the voices of current students and alumni. Stories from international students on their school experience are the best way to give a sense of school life. Here are some different topics to include:

School prospectus reflections and testimonials
  • Life at School: Education, teachers, friends and student support,
  • Accommodation Experience: An overview of homestay life or boarding at school,
  • Alumni Profiles: Where are they now and how did the school help them get there?

Include the home country of each international student in their profile. New students may want to read profiles of students from the same country as them, and it also highlights the range of places your students come from.

Student Accommodation

International Student Accomodation

Parents want to trust that their child is in safe hands if they are moving overseas alone. That’s why it’s good to detail the accommodation arrangements in the school prospectus. Include facts about the homestay process, how they are organised and vetted. A written piece from a student or friendly homestay family can help provide some reassurance.

If your school is a boarding school, write about dorm rooms, boarding houses and the daily routine.

International Enrolment

Explain to readers how they can find out more information and how the enrolment process works. If a staff member can answer questions or guide them in the right direction, add their details at the end of the book.

International Student School Application Information

International students will likely still need support when they arrive in New Zealand. Include details on the support staff or your International Department who can assist with orientation, visas and other queries they may have.

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