Entertaining & Useful Content for a Student-Led School Magazine

Entertaining & Useful Content for a Student-Led School Magazine

Entertaining & Useful Content for a Student-Led School Magazine 1800 1200 Spacific Creative

A school magazine is a great way for students to get creative, work with others and experience a snippet of a real-life work setting. A student magazine can take any form you’d like, but they tend to be informal and a bit of light reading. And with students in charge, the magazine offers a different perspective from most school publications.

If you’re keen to start a school magazine or just need some new content ideas, keep reading! All images in this article are from Kristin School’s Make Dove Not War student magazine.

School Staff Interviews

School staff interview in magazine

There are lots of people who work at your school and this extends far beyond the teaching staff. Include some short interviews to learn more about the people that keep your school running.

To save time, create a template of questions to draw from and select a few for each magazine edition to ask a different staff member. You could also interview school alumni or a staff member who has worked at school for a long time and ask them what school used to be like. Have the lessons, uniforms and traditions changed or stayed the same?

This is a great way to make a large school feel small and connected.

Current Events & World Issues

Lockdown ratings from students

World news doesn’t have to be dull. Put a fresh spin on some current events and include thoughts from a student perspective! Write an opinion piece or ask some students for their thoughts on climate change, elections or their lockdown experience.

Your topics also don’t need to be global issues. Keep it local and write about what is happening in your local town or school community!

School Advice & Study Tips

Study and school tips

A student magazine is a practical place to give advice to peers and younger students. Tips for making friends, getting involved in sport, or how to best study for exams are all valuable topics. For a range of opinions, ask a variety of students for their best advice.

To better engage your readers, set up an advice column and have students write in their own questions. This way, you won’t need to think of new topics for each edition, as your readers will help create the content!

Reviews & Opinion Pieces

tuck shop review

Write a review on a new film or great album you’ve been listening to. Or pick a humorous subject that is relevant to school life for a review that everyone can relate to!

Clubs & Extracurriculars

Does your school have some activities that many know little about? Include a piece on your school’s astronomy club, theatre sports team or choir in the magazine! This is great for introducing students to extracurriculars they may never have heard of. Write about what these clubs do, when they meet or practice and how to join. 

You could also add an article about your magazine committee and how students can contribute content!

School Events & Camps

Chicago musical performance

If you’re having trouble choosing a topic, just check the school calendar! There are always events, camps and performances that you can write about. Include lots of photos to set the scene and engage readers.

Recipes & How-tos

baking recipes in student school magazine

Ask your talented school community to contribute a special skill or a crowd-pleasing recipe. Include a step-by-step guide with lots of photos to demonstrate.

You could even ask staff from various school departments for content relating to the subject they teach. Maybe a science experiment or some language learning tips! Readers may find interest in a subject they had never considered before.

Creative Ventures

student poetry

Include creative projects from students that want to contribute to the magazine. Short stories, poetry and paintings are all excellent additions.

You can also celebrate victories from outside school and share student wins in sports, the arts and more!

Quizzes & Games

School relevant quizzes

 A fun addition to your student magazine is a game or quiz. Create a puzzle or even a competition that relates to your school. Just make sure to get the approval of students or teachers if you’re including names.