The Best School Advertising Platforms & Methods

The Best School Advertising Platforms & Methods

The Best School Advertising Platforms & Methods 1498 995 Spacific Creative

After some effective ways to market your school? The best school advertising uses multiple mediums to catch a wide net and get the word out! Here are some advertising avenues to explore.

The School Website

Your website is arguably the most important platform for promoting your school. It is the first place people will go to find information and where advertising material will direct readers to learn more or get in contact. 

Now more than ever, consumers expect a lot from the websites they use and want to be able to carry out tasks online. So it is crucial that your school keeps its digital experience up-to-date and easy to use! Make it simple to access information and complete tasks or forms online.

Long Bay College School website laptop

Long Bay College website

Your website should cater to both your domestic and international audiences. So make sure it is translatable and steer clear of local idioms.

Ensure that your website only contains up-to-date information, and don’t be afraid to refresh your stale design! If your site looks boring or is hard to use, your audience will see this as a reflection of your school.

Local Advertising


School Billboard Advertising

Saint Kentigern College billboard

What better way to capture your local community’s attention than with a billboard that will be driven or walked past daily? Make a statement and show off your school in a heavily trafficked location! Billboards are highly viewed and eye-catching. They increase brand awareness and help enforce the idea that your school is a fixture in your local community.

School Signage

Keen on a billboard but not the cost? Advertise outside your school! If you have access to a sign outside your school, get the message out to people passing by. Include enrolment dates, NCEA results or a fun fact to show some personality!


school postcard marketing

Somerville Intermediate School postcard

Send a postcard to your local community telling them how they can enrol or learn more about your school. This is an effective way to advertise directly to the people in your area.

Ensure you’re offering viewers quality information; is there an upcoming open day or a school event? Your postcard should provide value and not just be another throwaway item.

Print Media Advertising

Long Bay Colege print ad

Long Bay Colege print advertisement

Post an ad in the local paper, newsletter or magazine. Make sure the reader demographics line up with your target audience to ensure the ad will be worth your while!

QR Codes

The easier it is to find information, the more likely your audience will look at it. Include a QR code in your print ads, billboards and postcards when appropriate. Not only does this make accessing key facts easy, but it can also give you metrics to help track your school advertising success!

The School Prospectus

Saint Kentigern College international school prospectus

Saint Kentigern College international school prospectus

A school prospectus is a succinct formal booklet full of key school information. Along with the school website, this is the best way to reach your international audience. Your international prospectus should place emphasis on accommodation and student life to reassure parents and students.