Yearbook Planning: Term 4 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 4 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 4 To-Dos 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

Term 4 is here, and so is the beginning of the yearbook busy season! For most schools, October to early December is when the design process ramps up to ensure your yearbooks are ready for delivery at the end of the school year. Here’s a rundown of the tasks for this school term to ensure your yearbook turns out just the way you want and is ready for print!

Send Us Your Content

For Spacific Creative clients, the last six weeks of the design process are the busiest. 

We ask our schools to send us all their content six weeks before yearbook delivery. This way, we have enough time to lay out your yearbook pages and ensure everyone is happy with the results! 

Meeting this deadline requires all your contributors to be on track. If you haven’t already, check in with everyone who has yet to submit their content to see how they are progressing. Although some last-minute additions are unavoidable, ensuring most of the content is ready on time gives us a better idea of how much space things will take up and means less work down the track. 

Review Yearbook Proofs

Once we have laid out the yearbook pages, it’s time for you to review the design proofs. There will likely be a few rounds of proof checks, where both your school and we can note anything that needs to be changed or added.

It’s also a good idea for your yearbook team to compile a list of grammar and style guidelines that your contributors can reference. This way, you can ensure the yearbook will look consistent and professional!

Round up Last-Minute Content

No matter how organised you are, there is always content that arrives late or isn’t ready until the last minute. Prize-giving awards lists and content from the final assembly are common examples!

If some content isn’t ready in time for print, consider using QR codes. This way, you can include links to additional content without delaying the printing process.

Sign Off for Print!

Once we send you your final yearbook proof, it’s time to triple-check the book and sign off for print! From here, your yearbook will take another two weeks to be printed, bound and delivered.