Digital School Newsletters: Keep your school up to date

Digital School Newsletters: Keep your school up to date

Digital School Newsletters: Keep your school up to date 1920 1280 Spacific Creative

Did you know that over 60% of New Zealanders now prefer to consume their daily news online?[i] Online news is easier to access and update than print media, so should your school follow suit?

A digital newsletter keeps your school community up to date on important news and events. No longer will your school updates remain in an unopened envelope at the bottom of a paper pile. Instead, showcase photos, articles and updates in an attractive digital space.

Read on to learn why your school should consider a Spacific Creative digital newsletter!

Digital Newsletter Benefits


Online content remains modifiable even after going live, which is a major benefit of the medium. This lets you fix errors in the text, or update key dates, without needing to reprint and resend. Without the need for paper or ink, digital newsletters are also a more sustainable choice.

With printing come errors with colour and display. By sticking with an online newsletter, designing remains streamlined and simple. The school year is busy, and mistakes happen – lower the stakes with this modifiable medium.


Our digital newsletters have had proven success, with high read rates from students and parents. This is largely due to how easy the newsletters are to access.

Accessing digital newsletter

Websites offer a more dynamic and customisable experience. Readers can translate text into their chosen language to ensure content is clearly understood. A digital device also lets readers zoom in and adjust display and page brightness to improve readability.

Provide your community with updates around the clock for them to enjoy at a time that best suits them.


Digital newsletters are easy to share, both by your school and by readers who enjoy the content. Host the newsletter online with its own dedicated website, or link it to your school site for easy access. 

Digital sharing

To ensure the content reaches your audience, our newsletters are also automated with Mailchimp. This allows you to send content right to the email inboxes of your readers. This is especially helpful when important updates need to be promptly shared. 

A digital newsletter also provides great content for social media. Share newsletters on Facebook to communicate with parents or use it as a tool to attract prospective students.


A large benefit of online content is the ability to track its success. No longer do you need to wonder if your writing efforts are being read. Instead, track the number of views each newsletter gets, and gain insights on what is most popular. By taking notes on what content works best, you can improve your newsletter engagement.

Having access to this data is also a great resource for the school yearbook! If you know what your school community cares about, you can create a yearbook that they will love to read.

Search tags


Content is easy to find when it is digital. Readers can search keywords to quickly find information, without the need to read through paragraphs of text. Our newsletters are also taggable. This lets you group content by type (e.g. Sports, Photos, Announcements) to improve searchability.


Digital newsletters can be collaborative, with stories from staff, students, parents and coaches. Invite different voices to have their say, for a variety of perspectives and a decreased workload for staff.

collaboration on digital school newsletter

Start Your School Newsletter

If you’d like to know more about digital newsletters, reach out to us at Spacific Creative. To see one of our digital school newsletters in action, check out Parnell Pillars.