How & Where to Promote Your School Event

How & Where to Promote Your School Event

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Not sure how to promote your next school event? There are many ways to approach how you get the word out, and often it is best to use a few different methods to ensure you capture a large audience!

The methods and mediums will depend on your target audience (students, school community, local community etc.) and your budget! So here are some great avenues to explore for promoting your next school sports event, Open Day or special fundraiser!

The School Website

Your website is a centralised point of contact for your school community and often the first place they will look to find important information. Posting about your event is a great way to capture a large audience and inform people who may be visiting the website for other reasons.

Carmel College school website

Carmel College school website

Promoting events on your school website is a cheap, effective way to get the word out. Websites are quick and easy to update and can support interactive features and in-depth info. Consider a pop-up window on the site homepage or a top banner advertisement that visitors can click for more information. Alternatively, post about your school event in your news and updates section. 

Digital & Print Newsletters

Promote your event in your school newsletter! Your active newsletter readers are already engaged and want to know what’s on. This makes them an optimal audience!

Northcross Intermediate Newsletter

Northcross Intermediate school newsletter

If you have a digital newsletter, include clickthrough links that allow readers to learn more about the event or register interest online. This way, you can track your audience, gauge their interest and see who and how many people have engaged with your event!

Social Media Pages

Engaging with your community on social media is an easy and cheap way to promote an event. Create a post with enticing imagery and event details and then reply to questions and queries in the comment section.

Alternatively, utilise the cover photo section on your school’s Facebook page by creating a banner to advertise the event. This is a great way to gain traction as the image will stay static on the page – not lost under other posts and updates.

Direct Event Invitations & Tickets

school ball ticket

Glendowie College school ball ticket

Be a bit more direct with your approach and send out some invitations! A physical invite feels a lot more personal than a simple advertisement. Also, make sure to include the easy steps needed to RSVP or buy tickets.

Marketing Collateral

Long Bay College Open Evening flyer

Long Bay College Open Evening flyer

Utilise some marketing collateral to promote your next event! The best mediums will depend on what you are advertising and to who. But here are some popular ideas to explore:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Print Advertisements 

If you’d like some help putting together promotional material, then get in touch! We can work alongside you to find the best communications solutions for your school.