Colour Palette Ideas for Your Next Yearbook

Colour Palette Ideas for Your Next Yearbook

Colour Palette Ideas for Your Next Yearbook 1800 1211 Spacific Creative

A cohesive colour palette plays a larger role than just making a page look pretty. Maintaining consistency with colour ensures that your design flows from start to end.

For yearbooks, a good source of inspiration is your school colours. Consider a colour palette that uses these shades if your yearbook is more formal or will be used as a marketing tool for prospective students.

If you have more free reign or would like to get creative, you are going to need some inspiration! Creating a colour palette without a starting point is challenging, but luckily there is inspiration almost everywhere! Oftentimes a pretty photo is all it takes!

Here is a selection of colour palettes to try out or take inspiration from for this year’s yearbook.

Pink Sunrise

Pink Sunrise colour scheme

The colours in this palette are bold but harmonious and can be used to achieve a gradient or overlay effect on your page.

Pink colour combination in yearbook

This colour combination is great if you want to inject energy but maintain tranquility.

City Lights

City neon colour scheme

This combination of colours is reminiscent of city lights at night. The cool-toned shades are electric and contrasted.

Futuristic yearbook palette

This palette is popular in futuristic and dystopian design. Try it out for a fun yearbook!

Natural Greens

Natural green colour combination

Green is symbolic of growth and tranquillity, which makes it the perfect choice for a school yearbook.

Green yearbook example

This colour scheme is welcoming and relaxing but uses contrasting shades to make it pop!

Deep Floral

Floral colour scheme

This colour scheme is feminine but subtly so, with soft mauves and grey tones to keep it subdued. 

Dark yearbook cover

This palette is versatile and can be appropriate for both informal and formal publications.

Pastel Shades

pastel colour combination

Pastel colours are calming and provide a feeling of relaxation for the reader.

Pastel yearbook scheme

The shades in this palette still contain enough saturation to pop from the page and create contrast.

Ocean Blues

ocean blue colour scheme

There is a reason that blue is a popular school colour! Blue is versatile and is a great choice for both formal and informal designs.

blue and green colour combination in yearbook

This palette includes complimentary blues from dark to light, with a pop of green!

Bright Rainbow

bright rainbow colour shades

For a confident and eye-catching publication, why not try a rainbow colour theme?

bright colour palette in yearbook

As these colours command attention, it is best to keep your other design elements simple. This palette lends itself to simple, flat designs and sans-serif fonts.

Natural & Professional

natural colour theme

Muted natural tones are perfect for a sophisticated publication. 

Blue colour theme

These colours are calming and earthy, and won’t distract from your page content.

Citrus Fruit

citrus colour combination

Like citrus, this palette is fresh and full of zest!

yellow yearbook combination

This colour combination will give your yearbook a happy and sunny look.

Retro Orange

muted retro colours

This retro inspired colour palette is a unique alternative to the more typical bright shades.

retro orange yearbook

Orange is unexpected and less common in yearbooks than blues and greens. Try this combination if you are after a yearbook that students won’t forget!

For more colour palette inspiration, check out our Pinterest board or check out what shades are trending in 2020!