20 Great Free Fonts for Your 2020 School Yearbook

20 Great Free Fonts for Your 2020 School Yearbook

20 Great Free Fonts for Your 2020 School Yearbook 1500 1001 Spacific Creative

There are a lot of great fonts on the market, but many are expensive or hard to find. Spacific Creative has compiled a list of great free fonts that are easy to access and use in your 2020 yearbook. 

1. Bungee Shade

Bungee Shade Font

Bungee Shade is a heavy, all-caps font with a shadowed effect, which provides a 3D look. This free font is reminiscent of bright, urban signage. Grungy and retro by design, Bungee Shade commands attention on the page. Utilise it for bold headings on energetic yearbook pages.

Download Bungee Shade HERE

2. Bagnard

Bagnard Font

Bagnard is a serif font inspired by graffiti from an anonymous prisoner during the Napoleonic Wars. This font looks great at a range of sizes, both digitally and in print. If you prefer the look of a sans-serif, Bagnard Sans is also available.

Download Bagnard HERE

3. Norwester

Norwester free font

Nowester font is an all-caps font that is perfect for bold headings! This condensed, geometric sans-serif is easy to read, and great for both print and digital media.

Download Norwester HERE

4. ChunkFive Print

ChunkFive Print

ChunkFive Print is an ultra bold slab serif that is full of old-school character but still appropriate for contemporary publications. If you would like the look without the textured effect, opt for ChunkFive Regular instead.

Download ChunkFive Print HERE

5. Lilita One

Lilita One

Lilita One is a fat display font that looks youthful and approachable. Ideal for headings and shorter passages of text, Lilita One is both bold and soft, and would work well in a primary school yearbook.

Download Lilita One HERE

6. Lora

Lora font

Lora is a serif font that is ideal for long passages of text but would also work well for headings. With roots in calligraphy, Lora is well suited for a professional publication that could do with a splash of personality!

Download Lora HERE

7. Manti Slab

Manti Slab fonts

Manti Slab is a slab serif font family that is easy to read and very versatile. With a range of weight options, Manti Slab can be used for headings, subheadings and body text for a uniform publication.

Download Manti Slab HERE

8. Red Hook

Red hook typeface

Red Hook is a bold, 3D font, inspired by its namesake neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Great for headings in a fun yearbook, just make sure adequate colour contrast is used or legibility could be compromised.

Download Red Hook HERE

9. Righteous

Righteous font

Righteous is a geometric font with art deco influences that manages to appear personable and friendly. This free font is best for headings and short passages of text, but is easy to read at most sizes!

Download Righteous HERE

10. Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is a popular font choice and for good reason! This serif font is elegant but has a strong presence. Abril Fatface is best for headings or shorter passages of text. Designed with editorial in mind, this font is great for magazines, newspapers and school yearbooks! 

Download Abril Fatface HERE

11. Saudagar

Saudagar free font

Saudagar is an elegant calligraphy font that is appropriate for a school leavers’ or fundraiser book. This thin font is easy to read as long as adequate colour contrast is used.

Download Saudagar HERE

12. Jost

Jost font family

Jost is a clean, readable font inspired by 1920s German sans-serifs. It is available in nine different weights, so it can be used for many purposes. Jost takes the attitude of the more classic Futura font, but makes it functional for the digital era – try it out for your digital yearbook or newsletter! 

Download Jost HERE

13. Julius Sans One

Julius sans one free font

Julius Sans One is simple but elegant. This sans-serif font is all-caps and great for headings. However, it is also highly legible at a smaller size and for longer passages of text. Due to how thin the font is, refrain from placing it on a busy background as legibility may be affected.

14. Budmo

Budmo by Typodermic Fonts

Budmo font takes inspiration from marquee signs, with dots reminiscent of lightbulbs down the centre of each letter. This gives the free font a glitzy, retro effect, perfect for an article that celebrates an event or school ball.

Download Budmo HERE

15. Lobster Two

Lobster Two by Impallari type

Lobster Two is a script font that is great for headings! Perfect for a calendar or fundraiser book, Lobster Two brings flair and fun to your page.

Download Lobster Two HERE

16. Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin fonts

Libre Franklin is a versatile sans-serif the comes in a range of weights. This font family can be used for body text and headings, and will give your publication a clean look that works well both on screen and in print.

Download Libre Franklin HERE

17. Montserrat

Montserrat fonts

Montserrat is a very popular sans-serif font inspired by old posters and signs in its namesake neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. The letters are delicate and contemporary, making Montserrat perfect for a wide range of projects and mediums.

Download Montserrat HERE

18. Cassannet Plus

Cassannet plus free font

Cassannet Plus is a contemporary font inspired by Art Deco. This font is professional but visually interesting and unique!

Download Cassannet Plus HERE

19. Rawengulk Sans

Rawengulk Sans fonts

Rawengulk Sans is a clean, legible font that doesn’t skimp on personality! This font is versatile but interesting, which makes it a great choice for both body text and headings.

Download Rawengulk Sans HERE

20. Blackout Sunrise

blackout sunrise fonts

Blackout Sunrise is an outlined, all-caps font that would be a great addition to a primary school yearbook. Clear and commanding, this font is part of the Blackout font family, which also includes a solid and a reversed alternative.

Download Blackout Sunrise HERE

We hope these free fonts come in handy! For more font inspiration, check out our Typography Pinterest board.