Celebrate School History with a Jubilee Book

Celebrate School History with a Jubilee Book

Celebrate School History with a Jubilee Book 1800 1259 Spacific Creative

If you think you have plenty of content to fill a yearbook from a single school year, think about all you could include in a school history book! A significant school jubilee is the best time to commemorate your history and all that has helped shape your school.

School records aren’t always easy to find or understand. By creating a history book with clear sections, great photos and personal memoirs, understanding school history becomes a lot easier.

A jubilee or history book is a lovely way to build school pride and show your school off to the wider community. It’s a great addition to your school library and the perfect publication for a school fundraiser!

The Early Days

School History

Pakuranga College 1960 – 2010 A Jubilee History

Set the tone for the book by starting at the very beginning. Who founded your school, and under what circumstances? The origins and cultural foundations are likely still visible in your school’s culture today.

Then & Now Campus Map

Images are the most direct way to show how your school has evolved over the decades. If there is an aerial view photo or a hand-drawn campus map from the early days, include this alongside a current-day comparison.

Buildings & Facilities

New buildings and school departments can signify a new era or direction for your school. Include some early photos of different school buildings, the stories behind them and their significance.

Year by Year

Years of history at school

Pakuranga College 1960 – 2010 A Jubilee History

Consider a chronological format for your school history book. This way, you can include a year-by-year account of everything that happened. The more school records and photos that are available, the easier this will be. If there isn’t enough content or available pages for this, split your book into sections by the decade.

Another format to try is to section your history book by the era of each school principal. Include the changes and contributions they made to the school during their time.

Eras of Change

Every decade poses new challenges and world events that change our way of living. It’s worth documenting how your school is coping with online learning and intermittent lockdowns and also how your school adapted through eras of war or conflict.

Alumni Profiles

The best way to learn about school history is through personal accounts. Speak to alumni or former teachers and ask for stories from their time at school. Every story will be different but common threads may appear.

Are there students whose parents or grandparents are former alumni? Why not include a comparison ‘Day in the Life’ story from each generation?

Technology & Innovation

technology and innovation

Pakuranga College 1960 – 2010 A Jubilee History

Technology has had a significant impact on how we learn and connect. But most of what is available to us now wasn’t just decades ago. Highlight how technology has evolved over the years and the impact this has had on your school.

Academics, Sport & Culture

Sport and Culture

Pakuranga College 1960 – 2010 A Jubilee History

Take a deep dive into the traditions and daily routines throughout the years. Include an old timetable and the changes to the school uniform throughout the decades.

Detail the changes to the school curriculum and extracurricular activities. What academic pathways used to be on offer, and how has team sport changed through the years? Make sure to include lots of images!

School Statistics


Pakuranga College 1960 – 2010 A Jubilee History

For your data-loving readers, include some simple school statistics in your history book. Show the number of students, teachers and class sizes and how they have changed over time.

The Wider Community

How does your school fit into the wider community, and how has this developed over time? Share how your school has contributed to the community and how your town or city has shaped your school. This section is worth including, especially if you plan to market the book to the wider community.

If you’d like help bringing your school history book or any other special publication to life, reach out to Spacific Creative!