Choosing Fonts That Suit Your School Publication

Choosing Fonts That Suit Your School Publication

Choosing Fonts That Suit Your School Publication 2499 1574 Spacific Creative

There are lots of great fonts on the market, but they don’t all work for every situation. A prospectus or brochure may benefit from a smart, clean and consistent look to maintain your school brand. Whereas a leavers’ book or primary school yearbook could be the place to have some fun! 

Here are some designs from schools we’ve worked with that include well-suited, fantastic fonts!

Sacred Heart Girls’ Yearbook

Sacred Heart Open Sans Font

This yearbook for Sacred Heart Girls’ College uses lots of white space and a simple, clean design. Open Sans Light fits nicely into this design and helps it maintain an airy, light look.

Mt Carmel School Yearbook

Dr Seuss Style fun Fonts for Primary School

Primary school yearbooks are a great place to get a bit creative! So experiment with some fun fonts that your young students will love. Grinched 2.0 and Dr Soos Bold both fit perfectly into this Dr Seuss style page for Mt Carmel School.

Westlake Girls High School International Prospectus

international school prospectus fonts

A school prospectus must be professional, but it also needs to stand out from the others! This Westlake Girls High School prospectus includes Identica font for headings and Avenir for body text. Identica has a distinct look to catch the reader’s eye, whereas Avenir is simple and easy to read.

ACG Strathallan Yearbook

Anteb ExtraBlack

Anteb is a fabulous in-between if you’re after something both sophisticated and fun. This bold typeface has simple forms with a bit of flair, making it a great choice for a range of publications.

Diocesan School for Girls Year 6 Leavers’ Book

great Script fonts leavers book

Haearty Script is a whimsical and pretty font that is perfect for a primary school leavers’ book. This calligraphy font adds an artistic and sentimental touch to each page.

Farm Cove Intermediate School Yearbook

farm cove yearbook

Lovehearts XYZ is youthful and easy to read. It is reminiscent of handwriting, which ties in perfectly with the small illustrations and schoolbook backgrounds.

Rangitoto College Vista Magazine

School magazine design great fonts

This Rangitoto College Magazine is friendly in tone and full of content – and Abadi is the perfect font to match! This font is easy to read, great for both short and long headings and has lots of personality!

Long Bay College Yearbook

great script font and pairing

Silver South Script Alt brings some flair to the otherwise structured yearbook pages for Long Bay College. The Navajo subheadings are easier to read and pair nicely with the script font.