12 Photo Collage and Layout Ideas for Schools

12 Photo Collage and Layout Ideas for Schools

12 Photo Collage and Layout Ideas for Schools 2560 2006 Spacific Creative

Photos are key to most school publications, but arranging them can be tricky! A photo collage or creative layout is a clever way to add extra pictures to a page and create an exciting spread.

There are many ways to create a successful layout, and it all depends on what style you want. In this article, we’ve gathered some designs from our clients to show what is possible!

Layered Collage

ACG Tauranga School Yearbook Page Layout

ACG Tauranga 2019 Yearbook

Share memories from camp or a school event with a simple photo collage. This yearbook spread has a thin border around each overlapping image to retain structure and definition.

Front & Centre

Dio School for Girls Yearbook Content

Diocesan School for Girls 2020 Yearbook

Sometimes simplifying your imagery is the best choice. For a professional and bold page spread, select one high-quality image to take centre stage.

Paint & Patterns

Waitakere College Page Spread

Waitakere College 2016 Yearbook

Add texture and dimension with some artistic elements. This Waitakere College yearbook includes illustrated patterns and borders that bring colour and energy to the pages.

Stories With Photos

Farm Cove Intermediate School Layout

Farm Cove Intermediate School 2018 Yearbook

Display some small photos alongside your content for more of a scrapbook look. This style is perfect for an informal yearbook or leavers’ book.

Circles & Squares

Howick Intermediat Circular Photo Layout

Howick Intermediate 2019 Yearbook

Photos don’t all need to be the same shape. This yearbook spread for Howick Intermediate includes both circular and square images. Each image has a thick white border to add contrast and make the photos pop!

School Motifs

Long Bay College School Motif Design

Long Bay College 2019 Yearbook

Include your school motif in your photo spread. This Long Bay College yearbook includes the school’s wave motif, bringing movement and energy to the design.

Square & Structured

McAuley High School Photo Grid

McAuley High School 2018 Yearbook

If you wish to use lots of photos but want to maintain a sophisticated design, try out a grid structure! Uniform, well-spaced images keep the page looking orderly and uncluttered.


Yearbook Pages

Waitakere College 2019 Yearbook

Here is a creative way to make sure you include all your students in the yearbook! This yearbook incorporates small coloured images of students along the bottom of each page.

Angled Images

Angled Layout Design

Nga Taiatea Wharekura 2018 Yearbook

Choose a unique format for your text with photos to match! Here, the images help to frame the written content and reinforce the angled structure.

Circular Photos

School Leavers' Book Circular Images

Diocesan School for Girls Year 6 Leavers’ Book

A circular photo spread brings a softer look to your design. This leavers’ book includes circular images that complement the botanic theme.

Honeycomb Theme

Honeycomb Photo Style

Remuera Primary School 2019 Yearbook

Photos don’t have to be square or circular, so why not shape them to suit your design theme? This yearbook includes cartoon bees and a honeycomb photo layout to match!

Bold & Geometric

Waitakere College 2018 Yearbook Layout

Waitakere College 2018 Yearbook

This yearbook spread includes photos in a variety of geometric shapes. There are no set rules for your images, so play around and create something truly unique to your school!