How to Find a Great Colour Scheme

How to Find a Great Colour Scheme

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With an almost limitless number of colours to choose from and ways to pair them, it can be hard to pick the perfect palette! Selecting nice colours is one thing, but developing a colour scheme that suits your school and publication is another thing altogether!

Here are some ways to narrow down your search and some helpful tools and techniques to help you on the way.

Your School Colours

School colours business card

One way to find the perfect colour palette is to look at your school colours. These colours are a big part of your school identity, which is why they are key for your website, prospectus and business cards.

But even for more student-focussed books and products, school colours are a great foundation for your colour scheme. Start with your school colours and add some complementary shades and see what palette you can create!

Colours In Nature

Canva colour palette generator

Canva Colour Palette Generator

Has a beautiful garden, ocean or forest ever caught your eye? Take inspiration from the world around you and create a colour scheme to catch your reader’s eye as well!

Snap a photo of something you see and like, and run the image through Canva’s colour palette generator. The generator will extract colours from the image and create for you your nature-inspired palette!

Web Tools to Help

Color Hunt palette colour scheme

Color Hunt

There are lots of web tools that can help you find or generate a colour scheme. A few good ones to try include Pigment by ShapeFactory, Colormind and Color Hunt.

Fashion Colourways

sneaker colorway scheme

One surprisingly effective way to find a fun colour palette is to look at shoes! Check out some popular sneaker colourways for your design inspiration. These colourways are often a good mix of neutrals with a few vibrant pops of colour!

Social Media

And as always, social media is a fabulous resource for all design inspiration. Some Instagram accounts to check out include @colorscollective, @topiatones, @designseeds and @acolorstory.

Pinterest is also a great place to find colour combinations. For help getting started, check out our Colour Palette Ideas board!