Yearbook Planning: Term 2 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 2 To-Dos

Yearbook Planning: Term 2 To-Dos 2560 1707 Spacific Creative

It’s Term 2 and school is back in session! As you settle back into the swing of school life, it’s time to take a moment to check in with how your yearbook is going. While yearbook production isn’t in full swing yet, it’s important to start laying the groundwork early on.

Here are some tasks for Term 2 to set your 2023 yearbook off on the right foot!

Plan Your Project

If you haven’t already, get in touch with Spacific Creative to sign up for your 2023 yearbook! This way, we can discuss your project to ensure we’re aligned on vision and expectations. If this is your first yearbook, it’s time to think about your school’s budget, the desired page count, and distribution plans to create a clear vision for your project.

Get Inspired

As you did in Term 1, continue to seek design inspiration and gather ideas for your yearbook. Compile a Pinterest board of your favourite design elements and look to our Instagram for examples of yearbooks we’ve created. The more ideas you bring to the table, the better!

Set Deadlines

Create a rough schedule of deadlines by working backwards from your delivery date. Incorporate early deadlines to ensure you have enough time to review and edit content before the busy final six weeks. Be sure to include deadlines for contributors to submit content and for photographers to take photos. Leave some wiggle room in your schedule to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

Gather Content

Start collecting student work and stories early on, and label and organise them for easy access later. In doing so, you will have a solid foundation of content to work with as you move into the production phase!