The Value of a Yearbook in the Age of Tech

The Value of a Yearbook in the Age of Tech

The Value of a Yearbook in the Age of Tech 1800 1200 Spacific Creative

The ease of sharing photos and stories online may have you wondering if it is still worth publishing a yearbook. But a yearbook offers something that an app, email or website cannot – a snapshot in time of your school to cherish forever.

A Holistic View of School

The age of tech makes it easier than ever to document our lives. But what we choose to record and remember is never the full picture. We tend to focus on our own experiences, our closest friends, and never fully know all that goes on at school.

This is where a yearbook shines. A school yearbook is well-curated and designed to highlight a range of events and perspectives. It is an accurate and inclusive time capsule filled with everything worth remembering. Your school is ever-changing but a yearbook helps to paint a picture of what it was like at one moment in time.

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s how connected our lives are with world events. How global issues affect learning, school life and the wider community is invaluable information worth writing down. 

Designed to Last

The photo-sharing apps, web browsers and computers we use today aren’t guaranteed to stick around forever. Technology is always evolving which makes it challenging to know what the next big thing will be. And while tech lets us hold onto infinite photos and files, scrolling deep in our camera roll, or knowing where things are stored can be a struggle! 

A yearbook is easy to pick up and read and includes all your school memories in one centralised place. A yearbook can be kept forever and only becomes more special with time.

Easy to Display

A yearbook is easy to store on a bookshelf or coffee table, and with a nice book cover, you will always want it on display! This makes it effortless for people to pick up and read. It is also a visually pleasing way to display a piece of history. Compared to a standalone article or photo, yearbooks contain a wide range of content paired with great design. 

A yearbook is a nice addition to your family bookshelf but also perfect for the school archives. Add a copy of the yearbook from each year to your school library so students can look back at what school used to be like. They may even spot some older relatives!

Share Your School Memories

Social media allows you to add and delete content at will. But there is something nice about the permanence of a yearbook that won’t change or be updated and reflects life at one moment in time. It is also an easy way to share school memories with parents and grandparents who may not be on the latest sharing platform. 

A Learning Opportunity

Producing a yearbook is a great chance for students to get involved and learn new skills. As part of your yearbook committee, they can learn how to manage a project, work to deadlines, and practice design and writing. 

There are also other ways students can be a part of the yearbook – submitting artwork, creative writing or helping to think of a unique yearbook cover design!

Enhanced Your Yearbook With Tech

Technology doesn’t replace the need for a school yearbook, but it can enhance it! QR codes let you add content to your yearbook that doesn’t traditionally work in print. Links to videos, songs or large photo albums can now be included! 

Alternatively, a digital yearbook could be the right choice for your school as it’s easy to share with people living far away. This way, you can embrace the benefits of tech without forfeiting the sentimental nature of a yearbook.

The Perfect End to the School Year

There is no better way to end a school year than by receiving your yearbook. It is the perfect way to close a chapter and share memories with family and friends – and it will only get better each reread!