How to Add Black and White Photos to Your Design

How to Add Black and White Photos to Your Design

How to Add Black and White Photos to Your Design 2560 1704 Spacific Creative

Black and white photos offer a lot of versatility when it comes to page design. They are great for backgrounds, photo collages or as a featured image! Here are some ways to use black and white photos in your school publication.

Paired With Bright Borders

School yearbook black and white photography

Mt Carmel School

Add some coloured borders to your black and white images. Bright frames will keep the page lighthearted and help the photos pop!

Monochrome Page Feature

Try out a black and white photo as a featured image on your page. This monochrome look is perfect for a sophisticated and professional booklet or school website.

Background Photography

Yearbook cover design

Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

If you want to use a photo as a page or book cover background, a black and white image
might be the best choice. Keep the contrast low so it won’t affect text legibility, then place your content on top!

Black, White & Bright

Make your black and white images a crucial part of your colour palette. A monochrome palette paired with a single bright pop of colour creates a contrasting and contemporary look. Try it out for a punchy magazine or school newsletter.

Coloured Photo Overlays

Coloured Overlay on black and white profile shots

Waitakere College

The yearbook pages above feature a series of student photos along the bottom, with added colour overlays. Before adding a translucent layer over these images, they are made black and white to reduce the colour palette. This style is versatile and brings a coloured yet monochrome look to your pages!

A Pop of Colour!

Black and white class photo with coloured balloons

Mt Carmel School

To make an object stand out, leave it coloured in an otherwise black and white photo! Or, add a coloured image or illustration on top. This fun idea is fit for a publication that doesn’t take itself too seriously!