7 Student Diary Cover Designs for Schools

7 Student Diary Cover Designs for Schools

7 Student Diary Cover Designs for Schools 2200 1400 Spacific Creative

A student diary is pivotal for staying on top of homework, exams and important dates. But equipping students with diaries is only half the challenge – they also have to want to use them!

While most essential content will go inside your diary, a great cover is vital, too. Designing a diary cover that appeals to students, is practical, and reflects your school identity can be tricky. That’s why we’ve rounded up 7 student diary covers from our clients to help inspire!

Student Diary Designs

Abstract school diary cover and back

Westlake Girls High School 2020 diary

A school diary cover doesn’t have to be boring or predictable! This contemporary cover for Westlake Girls has abstract shapes and cursive text, bringing some fun to those to-dos!

Navy blue, red and white diary design

Carmel College 2019 diary

This Carmel College diary has a simple colour palette with high contrast that commands attention! The school name and logo are displayed proudly, so there is no way you’d forget what school it belongs to.

School Planner

Northcross Intermediate School 2019 diary

Want to ensure nobody takes home the wrong diary? This Northcross Intermediate cover is simple but very practical! The blue border frames the front, with plenty of room for contact information.

Purple geometric gradient design

Westlake Girls High School 2021 diary

This Westlake Girls diary combines a purple colour gradient with geometric shapes – an almost futuristic look, fit for 2021! The school logo remains large and clear but doesn’t compete with the bold design.

student diary book cover

Northcross Intermediate School 2020 diary

For Northcross Intermediate, this diary cover is both artsy and practical. While the design is unique and busy, it also includes space for student contact details.

Artistic illustrated student planner

Northcross Intermediate School 2021 diary

Don’t forget about the back of your school diary. Why not carry artwork and borders around to the back for a cohesive cover that looks good from all angles!

Rainbow book cover design

Carmel College 2015 diary

This rainbow diary cover for Carmel College is hard to miss! The design itself is simple but made interesting through the use of bright colours.