Typography Trends to Try in 2022!

Typography Trends to Try in 2022!

Typography Trends to Try in 2022! 2560 1920 Spacific Creative

It’s a new year, which means new design projects and new typography trends! So here are some top typography trends for 2022 to incorporate into your school designs for the year.

Rounded Sans Serifs

Fonts with curved edges and soft forms are big for 2022. These fonts bring a fuss-free and friendly look to your designs.

Rounded sans serifs are ideal for child-focused applications like a primary school yearbook. But with so many variations available, there is a rounded font for almost any project.

Stretched Typography

Our second typography trend for 2022 is short, wide text that almost looks squashed. This is typically a capitalised sans serif font, making it a good choice for headings.

Pair this bold style with simple and contemporary designs where other elements won’t be competing for attention.

Obscured Text

If you’ve ever looked at a magazine cover, then you’ll already be aware of this next trend! Obscured text is basically any writing that you can’t read in full. The text could be behind another design element or even start halfway off the page.

This contemporary look is best used as a design element and not to convey vital information! Try it out on the cover of your yearbook or magazine.

Vintage Inspired Typography

Our next typography trend is a nostalgic nod to a different time. Elongated or flowing serifs are paired with ornate borders, detailed overlays and vintage illustrations.

These fonts are versatile, easy to read and great for a range of applications.

60s Psychedelic

If you’re after a typography style that acts as a standalone design element, then this trend is for you.

Inspired by 60s and 70s psychedelic typography, these fluid, hand-illustrated fonts will take centre stage on your page!

Offbeat Fonts

Our final typography trend for 2022 looks subtle at first glance! This style consists of fonts that look traditional but on closer inspection, appear quirky and hand-crafted.

What’s great about the subtlety of these fonts is that you can use them to inject a bit of flair to even the most formal of publications!