Whether it be it a printed coffee table style school magazine or special event book for your school’s upcoming Jubilee, we work in partnership with you to put together a beautiful, professional book that builds school pride. Publications can be provided in digital formats as well to reach a wider audience.

Our Work


Showcase the unique character and values of your school through a beautifully designed professional Prospectus. We can work with you to create a stand-out document that connects with your school market.  Spacific can support you with project management, writing text, organising professional photography, design and layout, translation and distribution via print and digital.


A stylishly designed magazine is an effective way to share the news, events and spirit of your school with your alumni and wider community. Whether it’s a bi-annual or quarterly publication, Spacific Creative can assist you with a cost-effective design, print and distribution process.

Specialist Publications

Contact us to help you plan and create any of your school publications.
With our specialist publication management software, we can help you plan and design a range of fantastic books:
School calendars, Diaries, Special Event Books, Fundraiser Books, Student Leavers Books, Course and curriculum guides


School Calendars

Calendars should not only look like art but should be functional and informative too. Our custom designed can also feature all school events and activities to keep your community up-to-date. If you prefer to get creative yourself we can also organise printing for you.


Special Event Books

If you would like a book designed to commemorate a special school event, Spacific Creative can help! Either design it yourself or hand over the work to Spacific Creative to create your special event book.


Fundraiser Books

Let Spacific Creative create your custom book, or design it yourself using our software. Create a book that will not only be a fundraising hit but also a professional and practical item to cherish and enjoy.

Diary_NXI 2020


A diary is something you have to look at constantly, so why not make it beautiful? Let Spacific Creative design your school diary, or have a go yourself with our easy to use software.


Student Leavers Books

Create a student leavers book that will be cherished and kept for years to come. Let Spacific Creative create a professional, beautiful keepsake, or bring your ideas to life by designing it yourself.


Course & Curriculum Guides

Well designed curriculum guides help current and prospective students, caregivers and staff access complex course information easily and efficiently. They’re an important part of a school’s marketing mix because they showcase the school’s academic opportunities and pathways. Talk with us about how we can support your school to create a professional and engaging guide.

Christina Pollock, Marketing and Communications Manager, Westlake Girls High School

Spacific Creative has been an integral part of ensuring our school collateral is professional, polished and relevant to our target market. They are experts when it comes to high school marketing and have been able to advise and guide us on a wide range of projects – including the creation of a school diary that our students actually like and want to use! From market research, to expert proof-reading, translating and graphic design, Spacific Creative has been our preferred supplier for several years. Following due diligence, we went to market but couldn’t find anyone that matched the quality and service they provided. The team are a pleasure to work with, quickly becoming trusted and reliable contacts. Our school is proud to be part of the Spacific Creative family.