Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Its a catch 22 situation… you cannot get a quote without knowing yearbook quantity and page count. But, you may not know how many pages or books you can get without knowing the yearbook cost!

To help with this, we have created the yearbook cost calculator which will give you a rough idea of the cost per book. Once you have an idea of your price and how many pages, service type and book quantity that relates to, please click the quote form below. Please be aware the prices below do not include delivery.

All costs are based upon using thick cover and paper stocks, as well as PUR binding (like a paperback novel) from 72 pages. Prior to 72 pages, the books are bound using saddle stitch (like a stapled book).

All books come with a free digital edition

Please chose the service you require
The number of yearbook copies
A page is a single side of A4
Cost Per Book (+ GST)$

Step 1: Choose a Service

Print Only: You supply the file and we check the file, organise a hardcopy proof, print and delivery.

Design Your Own:
You create your yearbook and we supply the specialist software (including support), a hardcopy proof, print and delivery.

Custom Design:
This is where you supply the content and we do everything else!

Step 2: Yearbook Quantity & Page Count

Move the sliders left and right to get a rough idea of costs.

Step 3: Get a Quote

For an accurate cost, click below to fill in the quote form.

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